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Animal Nutritional Protducts is proud to bring you ArthriMAXX™ for dogs and ArthriMAXX™ for cats. Oxidative damage plays a significant role in the aging process and advancement of degenerative diseases. ArthriMAXX™ is a combination of very powerful Nutraceuticals, Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory ingredients, formulated especially for suffering dogs or cats. ArthriMAXX™ brings the best of science and nature together, to work synergistically with each other. This ensures your patient is getting the benefits from every ingredient.

ArthriMAXX™ is formulated and processed in a state of the ard, FDA approved facility. It contains no sugar, starch, salt, wheat, yeast, corn, milk or soy derivitaves. Animal Nutritional products is dedicated to the production of superior products that can help with the overall health and longevity of your patients. ArthriMAXX Arthri MAX Arthri MAXX

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