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Aqueon Submersible Aquarium Heaters (300 Watt)

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Aqueon Pro Submersible Aquarium Heater works to reliably regulate the temperature in your fish tank with precision.

 This heater is appropriate for both freshwater and saltwater tanks and can be completely submerged in the water. The advanced technology allows you to control the heat of your tank, allowing you to set its temperature to anywhere between 68°F to 88°F to within 1°F of accuracy!

The Aqueon Pro Submersible Aquarium Heater includes a lamp to indicate its state of power and a fail-safe to switch off if the tank begins to overheat. Though this heater takes 300 Watts- a more conservative 50 Watt heater is also available. This is the ideal heater for any large fish tank- so order now!

Key Features:
  • Precise temperature to within 1°F of accuracy
  • Shatter resistant construction
  • Safety features built in to prevent overheating
  • Useful Information

    Instructions For Use: A complete list of installation, set up guide and important safety instructions is included with your purchase. Be sure to read and follow all safety precautions and keep instructions on hand for future reference. Set-up Guide: Attach suction cups to heater. Do not place suction cups over the heating element portion of the heater. Set heater temperature; make sure of the required temperature for your specific setup. Install heater horizontally or vertically by pressing suction cups against surface. Choose a mounting area where water circulates continuously. No part of the heater should touch aquarium gravel or decoration. Allow heater to be submerged in water for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to plugging in appliance. Once submerged for 30 minutes create a drip loop and plug into electrical outlet. Allow heater to run for 24 hours at the original setting and then adjust temperature as needed. Caution- never operate heater without rubber protective guard.

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