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Aqueon Silicone Aquarium Sealant (10.3 oz)

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Aqueon Aquarium Silicone Sealant formulated with 100% silicone, it forms a clear waterproof seal to stop leaks, and does not crack or shrink when applied. It’s actually the same high-strength silicone that’s used to make new aquariums so it’s a long-lasting, professional-grade bond you can trust. And since it’s non-toxic, it won’t harm plants or fish and works in both freshwater and marine aquariums. Plus, the formula is proudly made in the USA.

  • Made with 100% silicone to seal aquariums for a leak-proof, water-proof finish.
  • High-strength silicone creates a permanent seal that will not crack or shrink.
  • It’s the same grade of silicone used to seal new aquariums so you can expect professional-grade quality.
  • Formulated to be non-toxic so it’s perfect for use on all aquariums, including freshwater and marine aquariums.
  • Made in the USA and comes in one tube or 2-pack options to fit your needs.
  • Useful Information

    1) Empty aquarium completely and thoroughly dry glass.

    2) Carefully remove all old silicone with a single edge razor blade. If water is trapped between glass, you can use a hair dryer to blow the water out with cool air.

    3) Thoroughly wipe the area to be sealed with rubbing alcohol and let glass completely dry.

    4) Apply sealant so it evenly contacts both glass surfaces.

    5) For a smooth seal, hold at a 45 degree angle and apply pushing sealant ahead of tube.

    6) To achieve a final smooth seal, use a flat tool and a dry paper towel to remove excess sealant within five minutes. Any additional excess on the glass can be trimmed after 24 hours, but be sure not to cut into the seal.

    7) When finished, recap tube immediately. To ensure a leak-proof seal allow 48 hours before filling aquarium with water.

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