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Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer 25'

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Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer gives you complete water flow control and prevents spillage during routine water changes. Instead of lifting heavy buckets for a water change, the Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer lets you connect the water source right to the tank. Simply attach the water flow assembly to the faucet, submerge the gravel tube in the aquarium and use the on/off valves to control the flow. It’s the most convenient way to quickly replace water and vacuum gravel simply and efficiently.

  • Developed to make routine water changes and vacuuming gravel easy and efficient for any level aquarist
  • Complete water flow control prevents spillage, facilitates more complete, thorough cleaning and eliminates the need for lifting heavy buckets of water
  • Includes 11” gravel tube with water flow valve for simple on/off valve
  • Multi-connection faucet adaptor
  • Made out of heavy-duty construction

  • What's Included
    11 inch gravel tube with built-in water flow control valve, multi-connection faucet adaptor, water flow valve (sink attachment) with adjustable splash guard , flexible gray tubing.

    Useful Information

    To Vacuum:
  • Attach water flow assembly to faucet using faucet adaptor.
  • Submerge gravel tube in aquarium water. Open water flow assembly valve and close gravel tube valve.
  • Turn on faucet. Open grave tube valve to begin vacuuming.

  • To Fill:
  • Close water flow assembly valve and open gravel tube valve.
  • Before vacuuming or filling, set the water temperature from the faucet to the same temperature as the water currently in the aquarium.
  • Adjust the gravel tube valve as you clean so that the gravel is lifted and agitated inside the gravel tube, while the amout of dirty water being discarded in the sink is at a minimum.
  • To stop the water flow at any time, while either vacuuming or filling, completely close the gravel tube valve.
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