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April Fool's Day!

April Fool's Day - the holiday for pranksters everywhere. We won't play promotional pranks on you - our great customers, but we think you'll get a kick out of deceiving or playing pranks on your dog or cat. Its ok-I'm sure your pet will forgive you as they'll be more concerned with having fun. Here's some great ways to entertain your best pal.
- Combo Toys -

Getting your pet to exercise just got a little easier with the newest generation in toys that combine treats and entertainment. The best examples are the Otis & Claude Bettie Fetch and Rita Ball toys. These combo toys are specially designed to hold the tastiest treats to give your pet the motivation to run back and forth. The Kong Biscuit Balls are also an excellent choice as Kong has specialized in chewing fun for years. Not sure what to fill these combo toys with? Your solution is the Kong Stuff'N Paste that gives your pet a surprising amount of flavorful fun.

Otis and Claude
Rita Ball
Kong Stuff'N Paste
- Med Concealers -

Making a pet eat their medications is like making a child eat their vegetables - not an easy task! Your prayers have been answered with Pill Pockets and Flavor Doh. If you want the easy way out, Pill Pockets is your best choice. Just slip the pill inside the pocket and you're done! For those that want to relive their childhood fun with play doh, we have Flavor Doh.

- Beyond the Box Toy -

If your pet has the IQ of Einstein, simple toys don't get the job done. Exercise your pet's mind with these great puzzle toys that dare to challenge your pet's critical thinking skills. Their reward for solving the puzzle? Treats! You'll find all of these specifications with the IQube Puzzle Plush Hide N' Seek Dog Toys, Hide-A-Bee, Bob-A-Lot, and the Hide-A-Squirrel.

- Interactive Mouse Toys -

Watching a cat chase a mouse is like watching nature shows in your own living room. Keeping a real mouse is probably out of the question. Have no fear as there are good alternatives like the Remote Control Micro Mouse Mini Racer and the Panic Mouse Undercover Mouse. Imagine Tom and Jerry but not, well, animated.

- Temporary Getaways -

After a long day of playing around with your pet, he/she might need a break from all of the mind games. Mellow things down with the Hidden Litter Box or the Repti Heat Cave. After a little R&R, your pet won't have to worry about April Fool's Day not for another 364 days.

Hidden Litter Box
Tuscany Model

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