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AniMed AniGest (5 lb)

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Anigest is a unique nutritional digestive supplement scientfically prepared with acid stable enzymes and probiotics. The enzymes in AniGest include: Amyliase, to aid in the digestion of starches and sugars; Protease, to aid in the digestion of proteins to amino acids; Lipase, to aid in the digestion of fat and Cellulase, to aid in the digestion of fiber. The live yeast (probiotics) in AniGest includes; S. Cerevisiae strain 1026 and Lactobacillus Acidopilus


Per 1.5oz serving: Protein 20%, Fat 9%, Fiber 17%, Amylase 4215DU, Bromelain 937,500PU, Cellulase 14,760CU, Lipase 1027FIP, Protease 65.625SAPU, S.Cerevisiae 37billion

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