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AllAccem CutoGuard Dermatology Bandage

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AllAccem CutoGuard Dermatology Bandage forms a protective layer over lesions, sores, and hot spots. It is a long-lasting liquid bandage designed for the owner's convenience. AllAccem CutoGuard Dermatology Bandage keeps the area clean and free from contaminates while the wound heals.

  • Long-lasting liquid bandage
  • Keeps the area clean
  • Forms a protective layer
  • Convenient
  • Ingredients

    ethyl alcohol, polymers, water, bitterants and other inert ingredients

    Useful Information

  • Product dries rapidly - recap when not in use
  • Use copious amounts
  • Avoid cross-contamination, one vial per patient

    • 1. Clean and dry the area before applying
      2. Area must be debris, salt and soap, free for good product/skin contact adhesion
      3. Dip brush in vial before each brush stroke
      4. Paint the product about 3 to 5 mm past the outer edge of the area to be covered
  • 1- derm work station
  • 2- applicator brushes
  • 1- 1/16 oz. product vial & cap
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