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Advantage II for Cats

Advantage II for cats has been redesigned and improved, enhancing the protections the flea medicine offers for cats and their owners. Similar to other treatments for dogs, Advantage II for cats only has to be applied one time per month, and it will provide a full 30-day protection from fleas and their eggs or larvae. By cutting off the birthing cycle of the fleas, the medicine breaks any kind of establishment and infestation of the cat's hair or bed. Further, the medicine actively kills existing fleas with a half day or 12 hours, removing their ability to propagate and stay on until the medicine wears off.

The chemicals used in Advantage II are only lethal and toxic to fleas and insects. Known technically as pyriproxyfen, the prime ingredient has no impact on cats, humans or other mammals. The fleas exposed are killed quickly by the chemical, avoiding flea bites and related irritations or infections as a result.

Advantage flea medicine is waterproof, kills both adult and immature fleas, approved by the federal government for use on cats, applies easily, and each package covers from four months to a half year, depending on the size of the animal and dosage. So protect your feline friend as well as yourself from fleas. Use Advantage II Cats to draw the line of defense in your home.

  • Kills all flea life stages, preventing fleas on treated pets from infesting your home.
  • Kills adult fleas already on a pet within 12 hours and re-infesting fleas within 2 hours.
  • Waterproof
  • Guaranteed US EPA approved
  • Application quick and easy with easy-squeeze tube
  • Each package of this long lasting topical lasts for 4 or 6 months

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    Large Cat

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