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3 PACK Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%)

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Zymox Otic with hydrocortisone is used for the treatment of acute and chronic otitis externa, an inflammation of the outer ear characterized by itching, swelling, redness and pain in the outer part of the ears. Simply touching the ears of your pets can hurt.

Zymox Otic is manufactured by PKB Animal Health, a well-known manufacturer of pet care and veterinary products. It is a proven antibiotic alternative and provides quick relief for your pet and also eliminates the bacteria and fungi that caused the infection. It is safe to use long-term and is especially beneficial for persistent cases of otitis externa. Zymox Otic without hydrocortisone is also available for those who are sensitive to hydrocortisone or those pets who are pregnant or lactating.

It is important not to pre-clean your pet's ears before applying Zymox Otic. The ear may be gently wiped with a soft cloth to remove excess.

Customer Reviews

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34% Recommend this product (11 of 32 responses)
By Sherri Beaty
peachtree city, ga
August 9, 2015
super experience!
Good product, good price, great service!
By Holly
June 12, 2015
Best product for ear yeast infecltions
This product cleared up my Shih ztu's ear yeast infection in days. I couldn't be happier with this product!
ProsIt really works and saved me money on a vet bill.
By Barrie
April 22, 2018
Great stuff
Have labrador, works well on itchy ears, he actually will go stand in front of the cupboard for it !
Merchant Response:Zymox is good quality stuff. Glad you found it works for your labrador%u2019s Itchy ears.
ProsStops itch, stops soreness, decreases inflammation
By Brenda Wood
Nampa, Idaho
February 13, 2017
Excellent product for maintaining healthy ears
I am happy that this product is available without a prescription. It works well on maintaining our dogs ears and the price at HealthyPets is the best price I've found...and with free shipping!!
By Kath flore
Covina, california
June 26, 2016
Cant go wrong with this
Worked immediately. Calmed my pet down from excessivly scratching and rubbing his ears on the carpet floor which made the condition worse. He is now a calm n healthier pet. Ears are getting better.
ProsWorked immediately on him
By John
North Central Texas
April 1, 2016
Excellent ear infection control for your best friend! Four-legged friend!!
Before I ordered the Zymox Otic , I checked with my vet and she stated this was as good as any prescription she could write for Shelby, my 12 year old dog. And it was far cheaper too! This is my second purchase of this product - the first bottle lasted for over a year. It is excellent for ear infection control.
ProsEffective Inexpensive Easy to use Works fast
ConsWish the bottle was bigger! None
By Chris
Ashburn, VA
December 13, 2015
Works great so far!
I've only used this product once and for a period of 7 days with my dog. She has chronic ear problems in the right ear and I have to clean it every single day. About half the time my cotton swab comes out completely clear and about half the time it comes out yucky. After 7 days on this product, I can say that we've had nearly a week of nothing but clean cotton swabs. That's the first time that's happened since she was a puppy. I highly recommend this product.
ProsEffective and easy to use
ConsYou must administer it over a period of 7 - 14 days in a row.
By Elen
New York
October 19, 2015
Better then a vet bill!
Fantastic stuff! My Schipperke suffers from allergies and every so often he walks with his head tilted. We check his ears and clean often, but this time we checked his ear and low and behold he had full blown infection! Just to walk in vets office is 65 bucks. So we always try to treat without going there and pumping him with meds. I searched internet and found Zymox and read reviews and read everything I could on it! I decide to try it. it shipped quick and started treating the day I received it. 5 days later his ear was back to normal, no puss or redness and he wasn't titling his head! Awesome ,awesome product!! Would absolutely buy again.....
ProsEasy use Natural enzymes Clears up quick optional itch relief!
ConsExpensive for size
By Charlie
NY metro area
October 2, 2015
Healthy Ears
I use this once a week to keep my dogs ears healthy
Prosgood price
By Dee
New Windsor NY
August 31, 2015
great stuff
7 days and her yeast/ear infection was gone. Just read the directions very well first!
By lisa
April 2, 2014
Can this be used on a rat??
My rat tilts his head and i read its probably an ear infection. Can i use zymox otic w/ hydrocortisone on him? Thank you..Lisa
By J.D.
June 30, 2012
Wonderful Product!
Zymox cleared up my dog\'s itchy and smelly ear problems after a few applications. It really works. I cannot say enough good things about this product. I also use the ear cleanser and will keep both of them on hand for future flare-ups.
By Lori Z
January 9, 2012
This works!
My cat has a persistent ear infection that didn\'t respond to trasadem prescribed by the vet. I looked online for other treatments and found Zymox recommended. My cat\'s ear had a bad odor. I followed directions for the 14 day extended use and the odor is finally gone. I used the one with cortisone for first week and then the one without cortisone for second week. I\'m so glad I found something that is safe and works. I\'ll be keeping this on hand. I also bought the Zymox ear cleanser to use to prevent future infections.
By Lori Zimmerle
December 26, 2011
Zymox works
My cat had a persistent infection that caused his ear to smell bad. The vet gave me trasaderm drops to use for 2 weeks that didn\'t clear it up. Within one day of Zymox HC, his ear didn\'t have that bad smell. I\'ll continue a full course of treatment, but I\'m already impressed that it made a difference so fast.
By Sharon O\'Hanlon
May 10, 2011
Great Product
Before Zymox, I was at the vet every few months with chronic ear infections with my golden. We now apply Zymox every few days and after each bath and have gained control over the ear infections. We are pleased and will use the product for life! ----Sharon
By Tony Bolewski
May 10, 2011
Zymox Otic HC 1.0%
My Beagle Mix had cronic ear infections after I adopted her. Every 6 months she went to the vet with painful ear problems. After the third treatment of anti-biotics and ear drops, I asked the vet if there was anything to prevent the problem. She suggested that I put her on Zymox 1-2 times a week. Now I check/clean her ears with a washcloth and apply a squirt of Zymox once (or twice, if needed) a week. She hasn\'t had an ear problem in 2 years. When the vet checks her ears she says that they are perfectly clean. Ask your vet about Zymox before trying it, but I highly recommend it. Even my dog doesn\'t worry about me checking her ears out. She realizes it is for her own good.
By Sandy
May 10, 2011
Zymox is the best!
My golden has had chronic ear infections. Since using this product, she has not had one ear infection. I use it every week or so and she is good to go. Love it!
By Amy
March 31, 2011
Love Zymox!
I have a standard poodle who is prone to ear infections in one ear. After many trips to the vet, I started looking on line to find a solution to her problem other than antibiotics...because it seemed that they were not working!! This stuff is great. At the first sign of irritation or scratching, I can use this as directed and she is good to go! It is a gel consistancy & it seems to sooth her as soon as I squeeze it in her ear canal. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a dog that is prone to irrittated, infected, sensitive ears. :)
By Lily
October 30, 2010
GREAT Product love it!
Medicine always works! got in the mail within 2 days as promised, and my black lab was in comfort that day! great product!!
By Faye
July 3, 2010
What a wonderful surprise
Our choc lab had ear infections a lot. Vet & meds were $$$. This works SO much faster & cheaper!
By skot
April 30, 2010
I had been trying the white vinegar/Alcohol and Vinegar/water in my 10 year Aussie\'s ear. Did not have much affect on the white/yellow drainage or redness and swelling. It did keep him from itching the ear, but the oozing got worse and think the solution was making the redness worse. Also have been doing yogurt with his meals since first day. After 4 days or no improvement I ordered Zymox with Hydrocortisone. Orderd Monday night, paid for 2-3 day and received Wednesday. Not bad seeing it was coming from CA and I am in GA. I was not in town for first does, so my wife gave him it. When I came back about 24 hours after first does the swelling and redness were all but gone and the oozing had all but stopped. Just had some crust around ear. Have given 2 more doses and no more oozing and swelling is gone. Ear is a little red, but almost back to normal white. Very happy did not have to go the antibiotic route, only wish I would of ordered on day one. Best $20 you can spend for a ear issue
By Deborah
January 25, 2010
GREAT PRODUCT!!NO smelly ears!!!
My Jack Russell was having a nasty ear infection...after some research on the internet, this sounded like the product to help. WOW! It cleared her ears up in about 2 weeks treatment. I have followed up with the Zymox cleanser periodically. As a loving dog owner on a tight budget, this saved me a trip to the vet\'s and both dog and mom are happy and healthy!
By Allen
November 10, 2009
This stuff is like magic! Tired of paying the vet for a visit just to get some antibiotic ointment, plus the cost of the prescription? This stuff works great for canine ear infections!
By Brenda
July 20, 2009
Cattledog has ear allergies
Our cattledog ,T-bone, has ear allergies that come and go. When he has a bout, his ears get all wet and irritated inside. He\'ll groan as he tries to itch them by sticking his back foot into his ears. Doc told us to give him benydryl on regular basis, but who needs a (super)hyped up cattledog! And THAT only works if we KEEP him on it. This stuff is great, it gives him instant relief(hydrocortizone), and allows me to clean the wet sticky secretions from his ears. After applying it into his ears, I let it sit for a day, then clean them the next. He\'s good for a couple months! He usually only needs it a couple times a year.
By Deborah Testa
June 17, 2009
Zymox is the BEST
My dog had chronic ear infections for five years. Her ears were so bad they would drain dark brown on the floor. They would also smell very bad. She was in pain. We tried EVERYTHING and I had her to the vet dozens of times. I then did some researh and found Zymox. Within a week, she was better. I rarely have to use Zymox anymore, but keep in on hand just in case.
By Michelle
May 29, 2009
Great Product
My dog gets yeast Infections and nothing cured it until I found this prodcut. It works great and he has healthy ears.
By Susan
April 15, 2009
Best Ever! Great stuff.
I spent a fortune at the vet office on ear infection medicine that by the time it was finished my dogs had another infection. My dogs are all wrinkles!! Yes even in their ears and since I started using this product their ears clear up easily and usually stay clean unless I forget to use this. Definately worth a try if your pet suffers with dirty, smelly, yuky ears. Now my dogs don\'t scratch their ears constantly.
By Peg
December 7, 2008
We have a Dalmatian that continually has ear infections. We have altered his diet per his allery to wheat, used a variety of ear rinses that help, but do not cure. We have spent an excessive amount of money on vet bills and a variety of antibiotics. This is the only product that has solved the problem. It is the best!
By goldengirl
September 7, 2008
Zymox is the best
I have been using Zymox products for several years on my Golden Retriever, who constantly gets hot spots and ear infections due to allergies. At the first sign of a hot spot or red ear, I use Zymox and have been able to avoid tons of vet bills. This is a great product. It\'s too bad most vets don\'t seem to know about it.
By Debbie
September 5, 2008
Great Product!!
I don\'t usually write reviews but \"Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone\" cleared up my standard poodles\' ears in 7 days. My poodle\'s have had many ear infections/yeast infections. I am always taking them to the vet for them. We have used around 3 different antibiotics over the years, several rinses. My groomer cleans his ears and removes the hair monthly. I have even tried not removing the hair in their ears for a year (recommended by my Vet) I\'ve tried many other natural washes that helped but never healed! But, I am so happy to have found something that really works. Just follow the directions: Use once a day and don\'t put anything else in the ear. Then after 7 days or maybe 10 if severe, rinse them with a good natural rinse. I use \"Ears so Right\" and your dog should be cured.
By Becky
September 5, 2008
The Only Thing That Works
My dog has had chronic ear infections most of her life. This is the only thing that gives her any relief.
By Margaret
May 29, 2008
a winner!!
Years ago I used to sell this product to vets, groomer, etc. I have always known it to be the BEST!!

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