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Zoo Med Repti Cage Carpet (10 gallon size)
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    Zoo Med Repti Cage Carpet (10 gallon size)

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Zoo Med Repti Cage Carpet is a soft, non-abrasive, absorbent substrate terrarium carpet liner for all types of reptiles.

  • Economical, Absorbent, Washable
  • Two carpets per package to allow for easy cleaning.
  • Recommended by professional hobbyist as carpet aids in muscle development in lizards, turtles, and tortoises.
  • Safe: Cannot be accidentally ingested.

  • Application:
    Repti Cage Carpet can be used with snakes, lizards, tortoises or terrestrial turtles. Not for use with amphibians (use Zoo Medís Terrarium Moss or Eco Earth) or with aquatic turtles.

    Place Repti Cage Carpet on bottom of terrarium. Add decorative “cage furniture” items on top plus a food and water dish for your animals. Clean weekly as needed or if foul odor persists.

    Remove soiled carpet from terrarium and soak for 20 minutes in water mixed with a 5% solution of Zoo Medís Wipe Out 2 cage furniture cleaner. Rinse well and either air dry or use a clothes dryer on the low heat setting.

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    Zoo Med Repti Cage Carpet (10 gallon size)