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WalkyDog Bike Leash
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WalkyDog Bike Leash
WalkyDog Bike Leash

    WalkyDog Bike Leash

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This item has been DISCONTINUED. We recommend trying PetEgo Cycleash Universal Bicycle Leash

The WalkyDog Bike Leash lets you relax and enjoy the company of friends and family while taking your dog along on bike rides. No need to leave your dog at the house or fumble with a lead. The WalkyDog, "the third hand on your bike", handles your dog for you. It puts you back in charge! Your dog will very soon realize this and restrain itself, even when passing a cat, squirrel or other distraction.

Now you can have your dog share in the fun of a bike ride! Great exercise for you and your dog.

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WalkyDog Bike Leash