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Val Syrup (1 Gallon)
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    Val Syrup (1 Gallon)

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This item has been DISCONTINUED. Please call 1 (800) 889-8967 for availability.

Val Syrup a highly palatale source of B-vitamins, amino acids and liver fraction 1. Use in animals as a dietary B-complex vitamin supalement. For horses, cattle, dogs, cats and growing puppies and kittens. Also used on animals under stress such as showing, racing,


Cane sugar; glycerin; lactalbumin hydrolysate; liver fraction; ethyl alcohol; sodium benzoate; niacinamide; calcium pantothenate; thiamine hydrochloride; vanillin; riboflavin, NF; pyridoxine hydrochloride; ethyl vanillin; purified water, USP (q.s.).

Overall Rating for Val Syrup (1 Gallon)
Val Syrup (1 Gallon)
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5 Stars

April 16, 2011
My kitties stand in line for their meds when mixed with V.A.L. Syrup. I have heard that it reduces the effectiveness of the med but, med will do no good at all if I can get it down them.

Val Syrup (1 Gallon)