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Microbe-Lift Special Blend (16 oz)
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    Microbe-Lift Special Blend (16 oz)

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A Complete Eco-System in a Bottle Features and other benefits.

Features and other benefits:
  • Dramatically reduces need for water changes
  • Reduces the frequency of cleaning
  • Good for salt and freshwater fish
  • Chemical free!
  • A new tank starter for biological cycling and boosting
  • An organic waste degrader
  • Naturally stimulates plant growth
  • Lowers ammonia levels and biologically reduces nitrates
  • Removes odors and clears cloudy water
  • Biological maintainer for established tanks
  • Enhances ability of plants to utilize light, water and nutrients
  • Breaks down residue on gravel, plants ,rocks, etc.
  • Breaks down protein foam

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    Microbe-Lift Special Blend (16 oz)