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Pet Kelp

Pet Kelp
Pet Kelp is an exciting new supplement for your dog or cat. This is not just another supplement - Pet Kelp is derived from the most pristine kelp beds off of Nova Scotia. Kelp is known as one of the most nutrient rich plants on earth - it's loaded with vitamins and minerals naturally. What makes Pet Kelp different is that the kelp is combined with only one or two other ingredients to form a well rounded supplement for your pet. There are three formulas to choose from:

  • Joint & Bone - 70 vitamins and minerals (from the kelp), plus 600 mg of Chondroitin and 1500 mg of Glucosamine, supporting mobility and joint health.
  • Skin & Coat - 70 vitamins and minerals (from the kelp), plus Omega 3s and 6s from organic flax seed, supporting skin and coat health.
  • Antioxidant - 70 vitamins and minerals (from the kelp), plus

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