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HyaFlex for Cats (30 ml)
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HyaFlex for Cats (30 ml)
HyaFlex for Cats (30 ml)

    HyaFlex for Cats (30 ml)

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Hyaflex for Cats is revolutionizing the joint health management for humans, horses, and now your pets. Found naturally in all living organisms. it provides the elastic shock absorbing properties to support healthy joints for your pet.

Hyaflex is patented for joint health, and helps to compensate for your pet's depleted ability to produce hyaluronic acid with age by maintaining and supporting healthy movement and lubrication.

  • Maintains healthy joint mobility and flexibility
  • Maintains healthy joint function
  • Maintains healthy cartilage function

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    1-5 lbs ............ 1.2 dropper
    6-10 lbs ........... 3/4 dropper
    11+ lbs ............. 1 full dropper

    Hyaluronic Acid, normal saline

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    HyaFlex for Cats (30 ml)