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Fizzion Concentrated Cleaner (23 oz)

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Fizzion Editor's choice award winner 2009Fizzion Concentrated Cleaner (23 oz) was developed as a heavyweight commercial cleaner. Fizzion’s powerful CO2 fizzing action unlocks and cleans stains and odors on contact. Other cleaners add harsh chemicals or foreign bacteria to clean. Fizzion's unique formula uses non-toxic ingredients and kills odor-causing bacteria naturally by breaking down and destroying their cell walls. Just add regular hot tap water to activate Fizzion's supercharged cleaning power.

Reasons why Fizzion is different than other cleaners...

  • Concentrated formula mixes up fresh for maximum cleaning power
  • Safely unlocks and lifts away new or set-in stains
  • Kills bacteria to completely eliminate household odors
  • Eco-friendly packaging minimizes waste and pollution
  • Releases a fresh linen scent as you clean

  • 1. Fill spray bottle with 16 oz. of water per tablet.  Leave space at the top.  2. Drop in 1 FIZZION tablet for 16 oz., or 2 FIZZION tablets for 32 oz.  3. Place trigger sprayer on the bottle and start cleaning.

    Useful Information

    How to use Fizzion in just 3 easy steps!
  • Add one Fizzion tablet to 23 oz. of warm tap water
  • Spray on the stain or dirty surface until wet.
  • Blot gently with a clean towel.

  • Watch your stain and odor disappear!

    How Fizzion Works:
  • Fizzion is comprised of a proprietary blend of cleaners to create an unmatched detergency that removes the two most stubborn components of urine from the material or fabric.
  • It forms a shield around the stain while it works on it which immediately reduces odors.
  • To prevent the odor from returning, Fizzion's powerful CO2 action makes the normally insoluble uric acid in the urine soluble, so that it can be removed from the surface never to return.

  • Fizzion is an exemplary illustration of that commitment. It is quite an achievement that Fizzion has rapidly become a proven leader in its class, however, the science and innovation behind this product has also inaugurated a new category of pet stain and odor removers that is unrivaled. Product Highlights:
  • Fizzion promotes the use of a reusable spray bottle to prevent landfill waste.
  • Non-toxic formula is safe for pets to sniff or lick.
  • Prevents pets from returning to the same spot to relieve themselves.
  • Easy dissolvable tablets mix up fresh every time you use it.
  • Formula lasts over one year at 100% potency after activation.
  • Can be used on most protein-based stains including red wine and chocolate.
  • Can be used on most fabrics and textiles.
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