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Flea and Tick Protection

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Got Fleas?

Be prepared this summer against fleas. As the temperature rises with the change of seasons, so will the population of fleas. Besides being irritating, fleas carry disease, some of which are transmittable to humans. Year-round flea protection is extremely important for your pet's health and entire household safety.

With available monthly flea treatments, supplies such as collars, foggers, and sprays, keeping your pet and household flea free should be no problem.

Monthly Flea Products
K9Advantix - Prevents and kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. It's a topical liquid that is used once monthly. Waterproof.
Frontline Top Spot for Dogs or Frontline Top Spot for Cats - Prevents and kills fleas and ticks. Topical liquid that is used once monthly.
Frontline Plus - Prevents and kills fleas and ticks. Topical liquid that is used once monthly. Waterproof.
Program Flea Control- Prevents pet flea infestation by preventing development of the flea eggs. Available in monthly pill and liquid forms for cats and in tablet formulation for dogs.
Advantage- Prevents and kills pet fleas. Liquid formulation that is applied topically on monthly basis.
Capstar - Kills adult pet fleas – starts killing adult fleas within 30 minutes. Pill formulation. It is often used with Program® to help prevent fleas and prevent eggs from hatching.
Flea Alternative Products

Find out more about Alternative Flea and Tick Treatments

Safety Tips
  • Always read label instructions on any pet flea and tick medication before administering to your pet.
  • Review age and weight of your pet before application or dosage of any pet flea and tick medication.
  • Give all pet flea and tick medication medications as directed, for example if your veterinarian recommends year round treatment, follow their instructions.
  • Pet flea and tick medication products labeled for another animal types should not be given to another pet (NEVER give your cat products labeled for your dog and vice versa).

When battling a flea infestation it is important to keep in mind the following:

  • Constant vigilance is required; particularly during those warm summer months.
  • Keep areas where your pet(s) spend(s) a lot of time clean; vacuum, wash & mop.
  • When vacuuming remember to get the creases and crevices as these are a favorite spot for those nasty fleas.
  • Depending on your situation it may take as long a six months to become completely flea free.

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