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Crazy Cat - Cat Quest Motorized Cat Toy
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Crazy Cat - Cat Quest Motorized Cat Toy
Crazy Cat - Cat Quest Motorized Cat Toy

    Crazy Cat - Cat Quest Motorized Cat Toy

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Crazy Cat - Cat Quest Motorized Cat Toy by Cardinal Laboratories Inc.

Cat Quest! Gives your cat a chance to hone his/her hunting skills! Cats can stealthily seek and sneak up on their prey, pounce, jump and bat away at the dragon fly! Cats will use their brains to calculate trajectories, anticipate movement and plan their attack!

  • Bug motion drives cats crazy
  • Battery operated cat toy
  • Wings move like real bugs
  • 2 AAA batteries included
  • Ages 8+
  • Bug with attached cord
  • Wand sections fit together
  • Battery chamber cover

    You can manipulate the bug; let it perch silently and suddenly start fluttering its wings. You can make it take off and fly. You can move it slowly while your cat prepares to pounce! The cord is long enough that you can stay hidden if you choose. Don't allow your cat to chew on or swallow the bug.

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    1.) Start at the handle end, carefully put together each section of the tube while keeping the cord inside the tubes. Each section fits snugly together.

    2.) Avoid bending or creasing the cord.

    3.) Push the power source (paw print on handle). Bug will flutter and create noise.

    4.) Move the wand to create movement your cat will follow.

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    Overall Rating for Crazy Cat - Cat Quest Motorized Cat Toy
    Crazy Cat - Cat Quest Motorized Cat Toy
    5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
    5 Stars

    My cat loves this toy
    February 27, 2009
    My cat loves this toy!!! I put it away in the closet when we aren\'t playing. Several times a day she sits by the closet or scratches the closet door crying for her toy. She knows I will give (as I always do). I\'ve found nothing she enjoys more. I have another cat who wants to play with this toy but my young one won\'t let that happen as she claims it for herself.

    Crazy Cat - Cat Quest Motorized Cat Toy